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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Lots of people are interested in the new Batman movie, Taylor Swift has Hunger Games fever, and Liam Neeson has it out with some wolves.

Great Gotham gangbusters! The recently released teaser trailer for next summer's The Dark Knight Rises broke iTunes' download record this week, amassing some 12.5 million views in a 24-hour period. To give you a sense of perspective, that is like four times as many people as will ever see Tree of Life as long as it exists in this world. That's just how cinema works folks! [The Wrap]

About another 12 million people tuned in to watch Fox's long-overdue X Factor season finale (it should have ended after the first episode) last night, though it's probably not the same twelve million people? Like, there probably isn't that much overlap between the Batman demo and the Rachel Crow demo. Both involve foul villainy, just of a very different sort. There was that one crossover where Paula was Batman's nemesis The Mumbler and then Alfred did that Girls Aloud tribute on Factor like three seasons ago, but that's it! Other than that, never the twain shall meet. [THR]

Oh lord. Usually we are excited about Hunger Games movie news (Hungah Gimz! Humgrums!) but this little tidbit leaves us cold. But this is our job, to report the important facts, so here it is: Taylor Swift has recorded some sort of official song (beside's Rue's song, we'd assume) for the movie, and here it is. It is called "Safe & Sound" and it is all about how no one can hurt you and just close your eyes and all this stuff and, um, Tay-Tay, people can and will hurt them! It's the Hungruh Grims! Them's dangerous, even at nighttime! Oh well. The exciting thing, for some, was that Swift Tweeted the surprise jam last night, totally shocking all that cared. Everyone will remember where they were that fateful night when Tiny Swindon tooted about the Harvard Dames. Wait, shoot. What were we talking about again?

Here's an effective trailer for the new Tony Kaye (American History X) film Detachment, an inner-city school drama starring Adrien Brody, Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Lucy Liu, James Caan, Blythe Danner, Marcia Gay Harden, William Petersen, Isaih Whitlock Jr., Tim Blake Nelson, and Doug E. Doug. That is quite a cast! And, remarkably, the movie actually looks pretty good. Let's begin the Lucy Liu Oscar campaign now!

And here's a new trailer for the Liam Neeson vs. the Wolves thriller The Grey. Sigh. We always knew it was going to come down to a battle between Liam Neeson and the wolves. Sure he's had it out with Albanian sex traffickers and January Jones, but this is really where it's all been headed. One Liam Neeson and several wolves enter, only one Liam Neeson or several wolves leave. That's just how it goes. We wish him luck.

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