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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: South Park is never going away, two new fairy tale movie trailers intrigue, and Kristen Stewart plans her next move.

It is time to respect South Park's authoritah. (That's a line from the show that was popular a long while ago, who knows what they're saying on it now. Something else funny.) The show has been renewed for three more seasons, which will take it up to 2016 and make the show an even 20 seasons. Twenty seasons?? How in the hell did that happen? That's a lotta seasons. How many times has Kenny died? How many times has that puppet done something? How many times has a swear been bleeped? These are the sort of numbers that start to boggle the mind if you think about them too much. South Park has become a vast an unknowable entity. Like the universe, like the human mind, like Canada. [EW]

It's trailer time! We have a couple trailers for you today. Let's start with Mirror Mirror, the other Snow White movie, which was directed by Tarsem and features some kind of dance number, Nathan Lane doing his Nathan Lane thing, and Julia Roberts sporting a variety of ever-changing, colorful accents. It's interesting to see Ms. Roberts trying, though doesn't there seem to be something a little "That girl's really good in her college play" about what we see of her performance here? You can see the work, and girl is workin'. Workin' in a way that maybe Roberts hasn't done in a long while, so yeah, that is pretty interesting. The movie looks... unfortunate... but we'll probably see it just to see pretty woman sing for her supper.

The next trailer is for Brave, another fairytale movie, this one from Disney/Pixar. Yes, it's the next Pixar movie and it looks... Well, it looks fine. It looks cute! It does. And it has a great voice cast (Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, basically every male Scottish actor). But it also looks a little... basic. Maybe we're just used to recent Pixar fare like Toy Story 3 and Up, which were so inventive and poignant and lovely, that a standard fairy tale story about a girl bucking gender norms seems a bit flat. Of course, it being Pixar it'll probalby be surprising and heartwarming and all that gobbledygook, because that's what they do, but this trailer doesn't have us enamored. Though it is, after all, just a trailer.

There's another trailer out for a PBS documentary about Woody Allen that's airing this weekend and features interviews with Diane Keaton, Sean Penn, Larry David, Naomi Watts, Owen Wilson, Scarlett Johansson, Mariel Hemingway, and Mira Sorvino. (Listed in order of... Well, you can probably figure that out.) It looks good! Woody Allen is good! [PBS]

If you're interested in seeing Cameron Crowe's inspirational weepy We Bought a Zoo about a month early, there will be a special sneeeeak preview on November 26th in 800 theaters nationwide. Apparently the movie has been testing well, so Fox wants to get that buzz out, brutha. Well that's good for Cameron Crowe. He really needs a hit after a bumpy past five years. Though sometimes things test well and then something happens... So nobody get their hopes up just yet. We're still a long way to Jerry Maguire here. We still haven't even pulled out of Elizabethtown station. [THR]

Hahahaha. Ohhh dear. Sylvester Stallone and his gang of old men are in Bulgaria, why not, filming The Expendables 2: Ghost Protocol (because they're old and will soon be ghosts), and it appears they've gone and mucked things up and disturbed some bats. Dang bats. Seems there's some sort of protected bat cave out there in Bulgaria and the guys were filming there and they cut some shrubs that weren't supposed to be cut and now they're getting fined because they maybe did something bad to the bats. It's always something, eh Sylvester? And this time it's bats. Damn old bats. Who cut the damn bushes? Who cut the damn bat shrubs? Huh? Ah, everyone's napping. Ask 'em later. Stupid bats. Old ratty bats. It's always something, huh? Always goddarned somethin'.  [Deadline]

So, Kristen Stewart, Princess of Frownsmirks, has been offered a role in the big white people version of Akira (it's also live action -- live action with white people) but it's not clear if she'll take it. Should she take it? No, of course she shouldn't! Really she should take a nice long break. She's been busy, what with all the Twinkle movies and Snow White and the CGI. She needs a break. A nice, long -- decades long, if she wants! -- break. Spend some of that Twinks money and, who knows, go on an around-the-world cruise for like... six years. That's our advice! No one has to take it, it's just what we're suggesting. [THR]

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