SNL's Emma Stone Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[The ever-appealing Emma Stone returned to host SNL for a second time, in an episode that improved as the night progressed. Stone's boyfriend and Amazing Spider-man co-star Andrew Garfield joined her in the monologue, and Coldplay's Chris Martin made cameo appearances in two sketches.]

Some highlights...

The Devil (Jason Sudeikis) drops by Weekend Update to comment on the Penn State child abuse scandal (and identifies, incidentally, which parts of the Internet he's responsible for: comments sections, buffering, Facebook picture-tagging, and Terms of Service agreements):

Backup singer "Jan" (Coldplay's Chris Martin) joins Garth and Kat on Weekend Update as they promote their new holiday album (featuring such hits as "Pilgrims Are Always Friendly Unless They're Pushed to Their Limits"):

Ancient reporter Herb Welch (Bill Hader) is back, and attacks androgynous apartment coop president Kristin Wiig inappropriately with the microphone (as both struggle not to crack up):

Nasim Pedrad's strange coworker Wallace (Emma Stone) is unclear on the concept of appropriate bridal shower etiquette (featuring Fred Armisen as "the human toilet"):

Cold open—G.O.P. debate: Mitt Romey attempts to put Rick Perry out of his misery Mice and Men-style during a protracted brain-freeze:

[Regrettably, the night's best sketch, in which no one can resist the sob-inducing angst of Adel's "Someone Like You," is not online. Nor is Les Jeunes de Paris, in which Emma Stone and Taran Killam show off their Parisian dance moves with help from the Red Balloon, a fleet of Tour de France bicyclists, and Napoleon.]

Musical guest Coldplay performed Paradise and Every Tear Is a Waterfall

NEXT WEEK: Jason Segel, with musical guest Florence + the Machine.