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Filmmaker Michael Moore, the favorite target of many right-leaning bloggers, has a really nice summer house, and Andrew Breitbart does not want to let him live that down. Breitbart posted a spread of photos of Moore's vacation home on the shore of Torch Lake, in Michigan. To Breitbart, it's evidence of extreme hypocrisy from a vocal supporter of the Occupy Wall Street protests. "It is the kind of luxurious summer home that 99 percent of Americans can only dream of owning," he writes. Then later:

No one begrudges Moore his wealth, but it is deceitful for him to claim poverty while encouraging class warfare among other Americans. It is also purely narcissistic and selfish for Moore to back radical and destructive socialist policies that would deny other Americans the opportunity to become as rich as he is. 

Moore has been touring the Occupy Wall Street encampments nationwide, which Breitbart has criticized roundly, and he's touting the new photos as extra ammunition for his crusade against the filmmaker. Whatever you think of its owner's politics, it really is a nice house. (Photo courtesy of Big Government)

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