SNL's Melissa McCarthy Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy's sketch comedy roots were on display as she threw herself into every scene, with mostly strong results.]

Some highlights...

Oversexed clerical worker Arline (Melissa McCarthy) puts the moves on Jason Sudeikis and gets inappropriate with a balloon bouquet. (Also featuring Bill Hader, with flowing ponytail):

Lil Poundcake, the HPV-vaccine-administering doll: "The only thing you'll get infected with is fun!...":

Tyler Perry (Kenan Thompson) drops by Weekend Update to discuss his next movie (Child, Why You Got to Bother Me While My Feet Are So Weary?) and his lack of appreciation from the white community. ("My movies are about the modern black experience. They're all disaster movies."):

A permed, spock-sweatshirt-wearing Melissa McCarthy hijacks a salad dressing focus group. ("There's a HIdden Valley Ranch party in my mouth!"...):

Barflies Andy Samberg and Melissa McCarthy fend off complaints about their strange lovemaking habits:

Also: The Lawrence Whelk Show—Kristin Wiig isn't the weirdest singing sister from the Finger Lakes; Jay Pharoah gets some screen time with his Chris Rock impression; Wiig joins McCarthy for a dance number during the monologue; and screen siren Lulu Diamond (Melissa McCarthy) has some trouble with the stairs.

Musical guest Lady Antebellum performed "We Owned the Night" and "Just a Kiss."

NEXT WEEK: Ben Stiller, with musical guest Foster the People.