SNL's Ben Stiller Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[Eighties SNL cast member Ben Stiller returned in an uneven episode featuring surprise appearances by Hugh Jackman and Kenny G. (Rumors of an Eddie Murphy cameo proved to be unfounded.)]

Some highlights...

Stefon drops by Weekend Update with his plus-one, Derek Zoolander (showcasing his new look, "Cold Coffee"):

Fox and Friends sheds helpful light on Occupy Wall Street, Hank Williams Jr. (Jason Sudeikis) drops by to discuss his firing from ESPN ("Don't give a baby a gun, because President Barack Hitler will take it away..."), and a few factchecking corrections are in order:

Under-underground Records hosts its first ever "Columbus Day Assblast," featuring Dirt for Native Americans, Farmville with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and fun with Nina, Pinta, and Scuzzy Beth:

The makers of Moneyball present Tinyballs, the inspirational story of a team on steroids:

Digital Short—Andy Samberg, Ben Stiller, and Taran Killam face off in the battle of the low-cut V-necks:

Also: Lincoln Financial customers Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Ben Stiller get acquainted with their future selves; for true Bruce fans—Bruce Springsteen, "Just the Stories"; and Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) hijacks a Romney appearance in the Cold Open.

Two top moments not posted by NBC: Hugh Jackman-as-Daniel Radcliffe crashes Andy Samberg-as-Hugh Jackman's Best of Both Worlds (also featuring Bill Hader as a scowling, singing, high-waisted-pants-wearing Clint Eastwood); and the monologue—Ben Stiller's Yom Kippur fast sends him into a Jewish food hallucination, hosted by Andy Samberg the Jewish Willy Wonka. ("It's every taste you've ever dreamed of, from salty to fishy...")

Musical guest Foster the People performed Pumped Up Kicks and Houdini (featuring a surprise saxophone performance by Kenny G).

NEXT WEEK: Anna Faris, with musical guest Drake.