SNL's Anna Faris Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[As the season's fourth consecutive live show, this week's episode was uneven. Musical guest Drake appeared almost as often as host Anna Faris—co-starring with Andy Samberg in the Digital Short and appearing on Weekend Update with Jay Pharoah.]

Some highlights...

Cold open—Mayor Bloomberg (Fred Armisen) welcomes Occupy Wall Street (and assures participants that NYPD pepper spray is made from 100% trans-fat-free cayenne pepper):

Lifetime movie moms compete for grocery-filled Volvos on the network's new game show, What's Wrong With Tanya?:

From Conference Room 5 at the Cedar Falls Marriott, it's another GOP debate—with Rick Perry assigned to a chair facing the wall, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann locked in the janitor's closet, Ron Paul trapped in the underground parking garage, and Rick Santorum beamed in by satelite from a gay bar in San Francisco. (Herman Cain rolls out his new 5-5-5 anti-terrorism plan, his 3-3-3 healthcare solution, and his 7-7-7 program for getting to the airport):

Anna Faris brings home her new boyfriend—48-year-old breeches-wearing pixie, Lord Cecil Wyndemere (Paul Brittain), with his harpsichord-playing footman (Bill Hader):

Anime-obsessed Americans Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer host Japanese pop culture show J Pop America Fun Time Now, with guest Anna Faris (dressed as Sailor Moon), and Jason Sudeikis, their horrified Japanese professor:

Also: Vanessa Bayer's friends Know Something About Love and impart such helpful advice as, "Make him think you never use the bathroom" and "Tell him you're pregrant and it's his kid." (Video not posted)

Musical guest Drake performed "Headlines" and "Make Me Proud," joined by Nicki Minaj.

NEXT, ON NOVEMBER 5: Charlie Day, with musical guest Maroon 5.