There Is No One Way to Fix the NCAA


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What is one thing you would do to fix college sports?

How to Fix College Sports I would command a paradigm shift in the way the collegiate sports dilemma is addressed. I would inspire innovation among those focused on these issues. Collegiate sport critics, Knight Commissions, and leadership have for too long been giving laser-like focus on the "big fix." Mega issues like paying student athletes stagnate thinking on all else. The focus should be on, for example, assisting those student athletes who want to earn degrees to get them, or on educating them about the evils of performance enhancing drugs. The NCAA should host a summit called "Solutions that Work" where the small fixes that have worked for member institutions would be shared with other member institutions and then implemented forward. This would inspire greater innovation and chisel away at the dilemma. Fewer resources should be allocated on the "big fix" or the query, "How do we fix collegiate sports?" We need to stop getting bogged down in search of the collegiate sports rescue panacea. It does not exist.