The Difference Between College Sports and Colonialism



In "The Shame of College Sports," Taylor Branch writes that the NCAA has "an unmistakable whiff of the plantation" and that student-athletes are denied their Constitutional right to due process. Agree or disagree?

How to Fix College Sports I disagree. The NCAA is similar to a colony in that its monopoly traps and exploits its resources with little restraint. It tries to justify its unjustifiable system with benevolent-sounding words like "student-athlete" and "amateurism," and it feeds its own needs and greed off the backs of those that work the hardest to keep the system profitable.

However, at the end of the day, those that suffer under NCAA rules can escape the tyranny by quitting their athletic and educational pursuits. Escaping a colony is typically only possible through death. On second thought, those that suffer under both corrupt systems can choose to fight and change the system.