Great Moments in Headline Writing

And a sign that not all of the news out of Washington DC makes you want to jump off a bridge:


No more Fat Albert! For pro sports fans in the DC area -- where the two area baseball teams are perpetually in the cellar, where the Wizards/nee Bullets are in a perpetual-rebuilding stage, where the most successful team is in ... hockey (and is not even that successful), and where the past 12 years of Redskin history make the modern Congress look harmonious and well-run -- this is the first little glimmer of hope in quite a while.

On the other hand, I had been training to pass the Haynesworth Test again this year. I'll have to retire undefeated after one success. Good luck, Albert! (Sort of.) And thanks to Redskins Nation fan TAJF, who was first to note this news while in LA.

Update: reader Rick Jones makes this undeniable point:
>>Yes, that is a great headline, but it will pale in comparison to:

"Dan Snyder to Sell Redskins"<<