The Really Most Interesting Man in the World

I am no fan of Heineken beer, as beer. But Heineken as a cultural force is something else again. I take my hat off to any company responsible for an ad like the one below, "The Entrance." Yes, you've seen it already, but why not enjoy it once more -- and stay around for a little bit of video compare-and-contrast. Here's the short version that usually runs on TV, and which I'm reminded of by having seen it during Friday's Lake People-Calves NBA playoff game:

The comparison with the three-minuteĀ long internet version, below, is fascinating for what it shows about the editing and artistry that went into the short final release. The long version provides a lot more airtime for the bubbly blonde singer, Mette Lindberg of the Danish group Asteroids Galaxy Tour, which is fine, especially in the snappy opening. [See, it's not all Pomplamoose around here.] And it fleshes out a few of the "plot" elements in the ad. But after you see it, you realize that everything that matters was captured, better, in the version that's only one-fourth as long, with nothing extraneous left in. It's like a poem version of an essay. Don Draper would have been proud, and perhaps would have wanted to play the leading role.

For the record, Mr. Cool in this ad is a French actor, Eric Monjoin. And while I would generally take a Dos XX over a Heineken, I think the Most Interesting Man in the World crown has passed from Mexico's control back to Western Europe.