The Greatness of Tom Tomorrow, Chapter 514

Back in 1998, in what now seems an unimaginable parallel universe, I was the editor of US News and World Report, which was then a weekly magazine. I dared hire "Tom Tomorrow" (aka Dan Perkins), who was and is a great, sophisticated cartoonist, to do an every-other-week feature for the magazine. That was after Tom Toles, another great and sophisticated cartoonist, had lost support at the Ownership Level of US News for seeming too lefty. (How to tell the two Tom T's apart: Tom Toles, based for years now at the Washington Post, usually does one-panel cartoons; Tom Tomorrow's specialty is the multi-panel faux-serious narrative. Yes, I know, there are many other differences in drawing style, type of humor, etc.)

Not long after that, I was gone from the magazine because of my own problems at the Ownership Level, and Tom Tomorrow was too, and life went on. But I remain a fan of both cartoonists and have to pay tribute to today's offering from Tom Tomorrow. I won't spoil the joke or hijack the clicks by reproducing the whole thing, which you'll find at Daily Kos. Here's part of it:

Good to see him (and Toles) still in form. Thanks to many readers who have written in.