SNL's Ed Helms Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[Ed Helms was relaxed and versatile (even donning spandex and twirling a baton in his slow-to-get-going monologue), but he wasn't a major presence in this uneven episode that also featured cameos by Chris Colfer, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Lindsey Buckingham. The show's women, apart from Kristin Wiig, virtually disappeared. Musical guest Paul Simon performed "Rewrite" and "So Beautiful or So What" from his new album.]

Some highlights...

On an all-star "Salute to Music Greats" episode of What Up With That?, DeAndre Cole (Kenan Thompson) hosted Paul Simon, Chris Colfer, and Lindsey Buckingham (who unleashed an impressive acoustic guitar solo):

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm play Gary and Ace in the live action version of Robert Smigel's The Ambiguously Gay Duo. (Also featuring appearances by Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Ed Helms):

Kristin Wiig does Viva Las Vegas in "Ann-Margret Tries to Throw Away a Wad of Paper Into a Trash Can":

Hopelessly unprepared singers Garth and Kat (Fred Armisen and Kristin Wiig) drop by Weekend Update to attempt selections from their new album:

Bobby Moynihan returns as secondhand news guy Anthony Crispino, concerned this week about "a condom wrapper in the White House":

Also: Poker Night—longtime friends Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, and port-a-potty-diving photographer Ed Helms sing along to Cat Stevens' Wild World and trade confidences (not online).

NEXT WEEK: Justin Timberlake, with musical guest Lady Gaga.