Osama bin Laden Is Dead: Twitter Laughs at the News

Osama Bin Laden Comedians usually get themselves into trouble when they make jokes about major international news events: See Gilbert Gottfried's history of "too soon" quips on everything from September 11th to this year's earthquake in Japan.

But as news leaked out about the death of Osama bin Laden on Sunday, humor was embraced. Here, a look at how celebrities and non-celebrities alike tried to make light of the terrorist's demise.

Fox News was a popular punchline:

As was Donald Trump, who pressured President Obama into presenting his birth certificate last week:

And the question of where bin Laden went after he died:

Others pointed out the pop culture opportunities presented by the news:

The rest of the jokes riffed on the name of the suburb where bin Laden was found, the shock of the news, and more:

And, finally, some of the Twitter humor was (apparently) unintentional: