>[Sixty-five year-old Helen Mirren (the show's third British host this season, after Russell Brand and Elton John) aggressively shed her prim, dignified image—vamping it up during the monologue to South Pacific's "There's Nothing Like a Dame," and later playing a pole-climbing stripper, a murderous Julie Andrews, and a frisky Eleanor Roosevelt with a taste for Marilyn Monroe. Musical guests the Foo Fighters performed "Rope" and "Walk" from their new album, Wasting Light.]

Some highlights...

1818: Mary Shelley's overbearing landlord, Frank Stein, crashes her book release party with his son, Igor.

James Carville (Bill Hader) drops by Weekend Update to comment on the narrowly averted government shutdown (and reveals that he was raised by eels).

From the channel that brought you The Kennedys... The Roosevelts—"10% accurate; 20% entertaining." Featuring Taran Killam as Hitler the peace-loving painter (controlled by a scheming Eleanor Roosevelt), Bill Hader as a cocaine-snorting FDR, Kenan Thompson as Teddy Roosevelt the African-American ex-president and Russian spy, and Helen Mirren as Eleanor Roosevelt the machiavellian lesbian.

Digital Short—Nasim Pedrad journeys to the center of Helen Mirren's ample bosom, where she finds Andy Samberg and Dave Grohl.

Under-Underground Records is back to invite you to the streets of Libya for a "Crunk-Ass Easter Festival," featuring methed-out coyotes, an Elian Gonzales dunking booth, Times crossword guru Will Shortz, live 60 Minutes performances, and more...

Also: The cast shows off its celebrity impressions in a new installment of Mort Mort Feingold, celebrity accountant (tax-season edition); and Talk show—The Best of Both Worlds: hunky/effeminate host Hugh Jackman arm wrestles and sings karaoke with his similarly multifaceted guests Gerard Butler, Ice Cube, and Julie Andrews (not currently online).

NEXT, ON MAY 7: Tina Fey, with musical guest Ellie Goulding.

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