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We like Alec Baldwin. He's funny and engaging and refreshingly self-critical. He also may have no idea what he's talking about when he says 30 Rock is ending next year. Baldwin told New York magazine's Vulture blog last night that the 2011-2012 season will be the show's last, so that Tina Fey can be the "next Elaine May." (He meant that in a good way). In the cold light of day--and after a panic swept the show's coastal fans--Baldwin's comments are being walked back.

Unnamed NBC sources tell The Wrap and Deadline this is "total nonsense," and that no decisions have been made about when the series will end. It should be noted that most 60th place shows do not get to set the terms of their departure from the airwaves. It should also be noted that, between this and two years of is-Alec-Baldwin-Running-for-Congress/Governor/student-body-president talk, anyone who takes anything the actor says with less than a dump truck full of salt is asking for trouble.

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