by Brian Glucroft

Amy Chua's recent article on Chinese mothers' "superior" child-raising methods has created quite a stir, and James Fallows earlier made his own comments on it.  I feel compelled to raise the issue again because today I saw the practices described by Chua apparently being applied by Chinese parents in Yulin, Guangxi.  What I witnessed seemed to indicate something far more alarming than I could have ever imagined and may have been foreshadowed by Amy Chua when she wrote that her methods once caused her house to become "a war zone."

At potential risk to myself, I collected photographic evidence suggesting that in addition to possibly not being permitted opportunities for fun activities such as play dates or computer games, Chinese children are being trained for nothing less than what some people in the US seem to think is right around the corner--a Chinese attack on the United States of America.

The evidence:

The evidence is here for the world to see.  How will America respond?

Based in Shanghai for over 4 years, Brian Glucroft has worked as a researcher in the user experience field for online services, electronic devices, and software companies, including Microsoft China, and has a new blog at Isidor's Fugue.

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