While waiting for the new shift of Guest Bloggers to arrive tomorrow...

I did dearly love that Eminem commercial for Chrysler, right down to the inspired sign-off line, and wanted to see it again. In case you had the same thought, or didn't see it in the first place, here you go:

This is the kind of tough-love nationalism we can use more of. (Yes, yes, I know that Chrysler is owned by Fiat -- but the factories and much of the supply chain are in the U.S.) And yes, I know the ad's message is not really "nationalism" -- it's "city-ism," but with spillover spirit for the country as a whole. Still, the imagery, music, and narration especially in the 30-second stretch starting around time 0:35.... very impressive. And, the part after that too! Congrats to whoever conceived this and pulled it off.

That's it. Back to "writing," and over to the Guests.

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