'The Good Wife' Battles an Unruly Teenager and a Narcoleptic Judge



In this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia helps win a case involving Diane's on again off again romantic interest, a crack armaments specialist whose un-intentionally flawed testimony helped put a gang-banger (now both righteous and litigious) in prison.

Alicia's toughest case, however, is her teenage daughter, whose rampant but not very well informed idealism has created problems at school and some challenging conversations with Alicia. As usual, Alicia is both patient and non-judgmental (though permitted to dismiss organized religion with a flip "doesn't work for me") and, at episode's end, seems to have successfully defused at least a few of her daughter's potential explosions.

In the meantime, Eli, Peter's campaign manager, has stumbled in to an extremely tentative relationship with a Mexican woman, seeking citizenship, who once worked as a nanny, illegally, for one of Peter's political opponents. The Mexican woman, now an investment whiz, will, if exposed, gravely damage the candidacy of her former employer, but Eli, divorced and a father, is beset by ambivalence toward a woman he has come to respect and possibly desire. Keep tuned for this one. And hope for more appearances from Gerry Stiller, who appears briefly as a judge suffering from sleep deprivation.