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There will be a fourth Matrix movie. Will it star Keanu Reeves? Yes. But didn't Neo die in the third one? Yes. And weren't the second and third films not so great compared to the groundbreaking first film? Yes. But the only truly important questions here are these: Are you excited to see it? And what chemical enhancements do you plan on sneaking into the theater?

Reeves told a London audience that the Wachowski brothers had finished working on a two-movie deal, in which he'll star. Though the two sequels were "overwrought albatrosses that only serve to diminish the original's impact," the New York Post's Jarett Wieselman writes, "Keanu said he still feels obliged to deliver the fans a movie worthy of The Matrix brand and promised that this new installment will 'truly revolutionize' the action genre like the original did." The upcoming films will be shot in 3-D--exciting, Wieselman says, given the Wachowskis' history of advancing sweet sci-fi effects like Bullet Time.

Final question: Do four Matrix films equal one Inception? Inception had four dream levels, after all.

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