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MTV's new show 'Skins' premiered this week and it's been predictably controversial. Anyone who saw a promo or poster before it came out could have guessed that: kids, drugs, sex--there's a scandal coming. And isn't that part of the point?

Michael Scherer honed in on the media's paradoxical treatment of the show

Lovely how the cable nets keep showing salacious clips of MTV's skins while speculating about whether or not it is child porn. . .less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

And Tina Wells said put up or shut up

@MTV If you don't like Skins, turn it off -- don't blame MTV than a minute ago via web

brought up some time-honed wisdom, no less applicable here.

Of Skins and Publicity: An old saw says that all publicity is good publicity. And MTV’s racy, controversial new ... than a minute ago via twitterfeed

Jason Clinkscales brought up that the show is disappointing only if you had any expectations for it

You know the real problem with MTV's "Skins"? People expected the show to be something... well...good, redeeming, important...less than a minute ago via web

And @IAmJustJoshing found Taco Bell's role as arbiter of taste laughable

Taco Bell pulls their ads from MTV's Skins. "Finally," Taco Bell said, "we've found something made in poorer taste than our food."less than a minute ago via web

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