SNL's Jesse Eisenberg Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[SNL finally equalled its Tina Fey-Sarah Palin encounter with a live on-screen meeting between Jesse Eisenberg, Andy Samberg-as-Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Zuckerberg himself during the monologue. (Zuckerberg called Eisenberg his evil twin, boasted that he invented poking, and professed to find the Social Network "interesting," before exchanging a high-five with Eisenberg and inviting viewers to stick around for a great show. He later returned for the closing credits and gave Eisenberg a hug.) Also participating in this week's lineup was musical guest Nicki Minaj, who sported a dramatic succession of outfits and wigs while appearing in two sketches and performing "Moment 4 Life" and "Right Thru Me."]

Some highlights...

Ancient WXPD News reporter Herb Welch (Bill Hader) is back, and can't keep a straight face as he interviews Jesse Eisenberg and smacks him in the face with the microphone:

Digital Short—With help from filmmaker John Waters and musical guest Nicki Minaj, Andy Samberg introduces weird new dance craze "The Creep":

Embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak drops by Weekend Update to explain himself. ("We Egyptians have never been great at picking up signals—we needed 10 plagues before we let the Israelites go..."):

Turner Classics revisits '70s blaxploitation film "The Bride of Blackenstein," starring Jay Pharoah as Dr. Blackenstein, Kenan Thompson as the monster, Jesse Eisenberg as Igor, and Nicki Minaj as the bride endowed with an awe-inspiring backside and the brain of a recently deceased DMV employee:

MTV's racy teen hit "Skins" makes up for its lost ad sponsorships by opening the show to product placements. (Featured goods and services include Trapper McGee's Squirrel-Skin Condoms, the Sweater Dump, and

Also: Kristin Wiig spoofs Michele Bachman's off-kilter State of the Union response; Tyler Perry comments on this year's Oscar nominees (a.k.a. movies about "white-people problems.")

NEXT WEEK: Dana Carvey, with musical guest Linkin Park.