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The 90s slasher film that birthed two sequels and an endless succession of parodies is slated for a reboot in mid-April. Over the weekend, Scream 4's first full-length trailer hit the web and, by every measure, looks to be as meta as ever. Revealing key plot details, it seems Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) returns to her hometown on the anniversary of the Woodsboro murders only to find that a copycat killer is on the loose, knifing victims all over town. At first blush, it's loaded with winking references to previous Scream films and more recent slasher fare. Bloggers appear cautiously optimistic:

  • It's a Re-Examination of the Horror Genre, writes Richard Lawson at Gawker: "The movie addresses the recent glut of Saw-type brutality fests, along with the homemade stylings of handycam movies like Paranormal Activity. So we get a whole new class of kids to explain all these new tropes to us while the olds creak on the periphery trying to figure it all out."
  • This Looks Promising!  "I'm tempted to say that this concept is played out," writes Allahpundit at Hot Air, "but as a fan of zombie flicks I’m in no position. Besides, this … looks terrific, actually. It's nothing new if you’ve seen any of the 'Scream' movies, but that’s the point, of course. The whole franchise is a sustained goof on slasher-movie conventions, with this one looking especially 'meta.' ... Exit question: They're not really going to kill off Neve Campbell, are they?"
  • Doesn't Look All Bad, agrees The AV Club's Sean O'Neal, reacting to the first Scream 4 teaser: "It's nice to see someone terrorizing Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox again, while the brief glimpse of Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin--playing this installment's ass-kicking blonde heroines who are ironically reduced to (presumably) quickly offed victims--suggests their scene might be enough to justify the whole shebang."
  • These Victims Never Learn, sighs Kyle Buchanan at New York Magazine: "As the movie's new full-length trailer makes clear, potential victims are still willing to answer their cell phone even if they're getting a call from 'Unknown' during a hometown massacre committed by someone who loves killing off dim-bulb teens when they're on the phone. Just let it go to voice mail, guys!"

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