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Paul Krugman has a lengthy New York Times piece this week about the euro. That's not so surprising. Krugman linked to the piece on his blog Thursday morning--also not surprising. What's surprising is the title of the blog post:

Maybe this is just us, but the first thing we thought of when we saw this was Snoop, from HBO's The Wire. Snoop, played by the actress Felicia Pearson, is a cornrowed assassin who stalks Baltimore's West side, and there's a noise she makes when she wants to get people's attention. You can hear it here, and here. It sounds a lot like "yerp," or maybe "yurp."

Is Snoop guest-blogging at Krugman's site? Doubtful. (Especially if you've seen the show.) "Yurp" might mean "Europe," since that's what Krugman's 6,000-word article is about. Krugman is famous for being a bit of an oddball online, so he's likely just following his muse--only this time it happened to lead him into Charm City.

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