'Best Book' Fiesta

I generally dread year-end lists of anything, but the worthiness of the book business makes me happy to pitch in on "best book of the year" compendia. In my enthusiasm, I've contributed to three such lists:

- The Atlantic's "Best Book I Read This Year" slideshow feature, here. Happily I've already read many of the books recommended by my colleagues, but I'm starting on the ones I haven't, beginning with James Gibney's nominee, The White Tiger.

- Foreign Affairs recently compiled a list of suggested books for the years ahead; I weighed in with a bunch, all of which I heartily endorse.

- Today Salon had its list too, for which I recommended a book that one of my colleagues picked for the Atlantic list. The last one I mention here is my sentimental favorite of all the year's offerings.

Read 'em all! Enjoy.