SNL's Anne Hathaway Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[A strong episode. The material rebounded this week, and Anne Hathaway was funny and versatile, even demonstrating—in a scenes from the Wizard of Oz cutting room floor sketch—a beautiful singing voice.]

Some highlights...

Feeling lonely this holiday season? TSA agents are standing by to give you a little something extra to feel thankful about...

Cold Open—Rachel Maddow (Abby Elliott) hosts John Boehner (Bill Hader), Nancy Pelosi (Kristin Wiig), and Charles Rangel (Kenan Thompson) for a frank discussion of election results and ethics violations:

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip drop the posh accent and fancy manners for Kate Middleton ("We do whatever the hell we want, luv..."):

"Four Loko" creator Chris Hunter (Jason Sudeikis) drops by Weekend Update to discuss the drink's ban, and to introduce two new products, the "Organ Blaster" and "The Amy Winehouse":

Free boxcutters, freshly waxed floors, 93-year-old actor Kirk Douglas hiding in the store.... Shop Mega-Mart's Black Friday 12-Minute Madness, if you dare...

Also: Jay Pharoah's Hip-Hop Thanksgiving suggestions; Vanessa Bayer's Miley Cyrus Show, with Anne Hathaway as Katie Holmes; Seth Myers reacts to "refudiate" as word of the year.

DECEMBER 4: Robert De Niro, with musical guest Diddy-Dirty Money.