SNL's Jon Hamm Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[Jon Hamm was funny and versatile as ever (and showed off an excellent Robin Williams impression). ]

Some highlights...

Vincent Price (Bill Hader) presides over an out-of-control Halloween special, featuring a pill-popping Judy Garlan (Kristin Wiig), an off-color Liberace (Fred Armisen), and a horny JFK (Jon Hamm):

Digital Short—Rihanna and Shy Ronnie (Andy Samberg) are back (and attempting to rob a bank...):

Perpetually unprepared singers Garth and Kat drop by Weekend Update to debut their Halloween repertoire:

"I Didn't Ask for This," the show for people whose lives have been ruined by embarrassing Internet videos:

James Carville (Bill Hader) drops by Weekend Update to discuss the longterm political prospects for the Tea Party. ("All I'm saying, is if you elect these Tea Party kookalooks, you're gonna be calling Harry Reid in two months, saying 'Dad, can you come pick me up?...'")

Also: Jason Sudeikis's Cold Open ("when things can't get any worse, it's Biden Time"); and Weird actors (Kristin Wiig & Jon Hamm) audition for a play.

NEXT WEEK: Scarlett Johansson, with musical guest Arcade Fire