SNL's Jane Lynch Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[Jane Lynch was a versatile host, and the episode—complete with obligatory Glee parody—was a strong one. ]

Some highlights...

The monologue: Jane Lynch debuts her proposed new Glee theme song ("Sue Sylvester is the star of Glee...") cowritten with the help of her friend Jose Cuervo.

The "Damn it, my Mom is on Facebook" filter:

The New Boyfriend Talk Show (100th episode!): Zach (Andy Samberg) interviews his Mom's latest overnight guest. ("Are you my new daddy?"...):

Campaign commercial—Christine O'Donnell wants your vote: "...and if I am a witch, do you really want to cross me?" (Paid for by the coven to elect Christine O'Donnell):

Mexican Tourism Board representative Miguel Conjeros has some trouble understanding English words ("drugs," "cartels," "pirate attacks"...):

Also: Digital Short—Creepy therapist (Jane Lynch) gets naked for patient Andy Samberg; NBC's new Sunday Night Football theme song could use some editing.