SNL's Emma Stone Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[The uncannily Lindsay Lohan-esque Emma Stone did a fine job as host (in one sketch she in fact plays a spacy and scattered Lohan on furlough from the Betty Ford Clinic)]

Some highlights...

The monologue: Emma Stone (and the nerds who want to make out with her), with Bobby Moynihan as Jonah Hill and Taran Killam as a dead-on Michael Cera:

Baby Spanx: Got a fat baby? An overweight cat?...

Jimmy McMillan (Kenan Thompson) of the Rent Is Too Damn High party drops by Weekend Update to request your vote this Halloween:

Channel 9 news reporter Peter DeSantos (Bill Hader) gets to the bottom of the most disturbing new teen fads. ("Are teens taking turns hiding Osama bin Laden so they can give him oral sex in exchange for lip gloss?...") :

Brett Favre (Jason Sudeikis) pitches Open-Fly Jeans by Wrangler ("featuring relaxed fit, right where you need it the most..."):

Also: Bill Hader cracks himself up as over-the-top New York travel guide "Stefon"; grape jelly starts rapping in this week's weird digital short.

NEXT WEEK: Jon Hamm, with musical guest Rihanna.