SNL's Bryan Cranston Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[Bryan Cranston was a funny and versatile host, though the material this week was a bit uneven.]

Some highlights...

Cold Open: "Rahmbo" Emanuel turns the "kill or be killed" job of White House Chief of Staff over to Pete Rouse, "lover of cats":

The Miley Cyrus Show: a dimwitted Miley Cyrus (new SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer) welcomes fellow new cast member Paul Brittain, doing a dead-on Johnny Depp impression:

A reliably goofy new installment of What Up With That, featuring guests Morgan Freeman, and a hilariously delighted Ernest Borgnine:

Artsy fifth-grader Henry (Nassim Pedrad) gets some lessons in self defense from his Green Beret dad (Bryan Cranston):

The i-sleepPRO: if white noise won't get you to sleep, try the Black Noise setting...:

Also: Comic strip character Cathy (Andy Samberg) drops by Weekend Update to hit on Seth Myers and talk about retirement; Creepy '70s game show host Bryan Cranston wants to kiss the kiddie contestants; and Andy Samberg tries out his iPhone's "Rescue Dog" app.

NEXT WEEK: Jane Lynch, with musical guest Bruno Mars.