Go Giants

As a childhood fan of the LA Dodgers of the Koufax-Drysdale-Roseboro-Gilliam-Wills era, I viewed the SF Giants as the natural enemy. Evil, too, as proved by the time Juan Marichal clubbed the hapless Johnny Roseboro, with Sandy Koufax, at right in the shot below, playing an improbable referee:


I remember watching this live on TV and, with my brother, yelling at the screen in righteous outrage. Barry Bonds, during his 30" neck era, was a perfect fit with my view of the team.

But now I am for the Giants. Reasons, in rising order of importance:

5) That was a long time ago.
4) I loved living in Austin while my wife was in graduate school, but, overall, Calif v Texas? Please.
3) I can't forget the ownership history of the Rangers.
2) One of my sisters, and one of my sons, live in Giants-land.
1) The oddball Giants lineup, including some fat guys and some who look like teenagers. Plus Brian Wilson, he of the dyed beard, as interviewed here (courtesy of my sister Katie). I challenge you to watch this and root for the Rangers to get hits off Wilson.

QED. Go Giants.