Congrats to former Brat Pack actor—and Atlantic contributor—Andrew McCarthy, who was just named Travel Writer of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers (guessing this is like a "Best Actor" Oscar for travel writers, though not sure if it includes a golden statue). I blogged about McCarthy's second career back in April:

As a dyed-in-the-wool Gen X'er, who grew up watching School House Rock, who still possesses an arsenal of Fletch one-liners deployable with a hair-trigger, who worked his way through the entire Douglas Coupland canon, who saw The Breakfast Club in the theater (and looks distressingly like one of its main characters--and not one of the cool ones), I want to pause for a moment to mention how incredibly cool, and slightly surreal, it is that Andrew McCarthy--always one of the cool ones--is now doing travel writing for The Atlantic.

Here's a great piece he did for us on the rugged west coast of Ireland.

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