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The emerging consensus is that 2010 has not been a particularly good or interesting year for movies. This is probably true. But why? Bilge Ebiri of New York Magazine--not exactly a bastion of arch-conservative sentiment--blames the scarcity of right-wing movies for Hollywood's plight. Specifically, the scarcity of right-wing movies that are even marginally moving, exciting, or fun. You don't have to be a Democrat or a Republican--just a moviegoer--to appreciate what's been lost. Ebiri explains:

Without a more formidable opponent, Hollywood just parrots back lefty talking points...The solution is simple: more (and better) right-wing movies. While it’s probably true that most actors, writers, and directors lean left, we shouldn’t forget that Hollywood also gave us John Wayne, Cecil B. De Mille, the Black List, and Rambo (and, of course, Ronald Reagan). We like to think of the seventies as a golden age of American filmmaking, when youth culture and progressive politics ruled, but it was also the age of Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson and Joe, in which Peter Boyle played a guy who gleefully gunned down a commune full of hippies...One of the things that made Platoon so remarkable was that it took Vietnam seriously at a time when the war was mostly fodder for the likes of Stallone and Chuck Norris. Would it have had the same urgency if those other gung-ho films hadn't existed?

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