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Twitter is not known for relishing the accomplishments of others. The one exception to this rule, perhaps, is David Simon, creator of "The Wire," "Homicide," and "Treme," who is the social networking site's golden child. So when word arrived today that Simon was one of 22 recipients of a "Genius Award" from the John D. and Caroline T. MacArthur Foundation (an honor that also comes with a $500,000 cash allotment), users naturally lined up to pay their respects.

Matthew Yglesias made sure nobody lost sight of Simon's fellow nominees

MacArthur Grants to David Simon, Emmanuel Saez, people I've never heard of: than a minute ago via TweetDeck

James Poulos reminded his followers that the people behind other HBO cult favorites weren't nearly so lucky

In this world, until MacArthur funds a 2-hour series finale for Deadwood, there is NO JUSTICEless than a minute ago via web

David Carr congratulated Simon on an honorary title a long time in the making

So what if he never won a Pulitzer. David Simon is a certified genius now. than a minute ago via web

The National Review's Dan Foster pointed out Tuesday's announcement was hardly news to Simon

RT @The_AV_Club David Simon is a genius, according to the MacArthur Foundation. | I think Simon really needed a boost to his self-regard.less than a minute ago via web

The Washington City Paper's Michael Schaffer delivered his 'Wire' pitch two years too late

How bout I stage elaborate armed robbery of David Simon's house, steal MacArthur award, sell back to him at a mark-up? It's all in the game!less than a minute ago via web

Kurt Andersen didn't begrudge Simon his rich-guy fame

Surprised, not displeased showbiz millionaire David Simon got a MacArthur grant. (BTW: 2 of the new geniuses were on @Studio360show in '09.)less than a minute ago via web

Ben Schwartz found himself wondering what went down behind-the-scenes

I wonder if David Simon's agent told the MacArthur Foundation it's $1 million or Simon walks?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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