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As sloppily played 13-7 football games go, last night's clash between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys was one of the best in recent memory. The Washington win had it all: big stars, a disallowed touchdown with no time left on the clock, and--possibly--the single worst play call in NFL history.

To recap: With four seconds left before halftime and Washington leading 3-0, Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett eschewed the traditional kneel down, opting instead to let quarterback Tony Romo attempt a 72-yard Hail Mary pass. Washington blitzed, the pocket collapsed, and Romo wildly pitched the ball to running back Tashard Choice, who promptly fumbled. The ball was picked up by Washington and returned for a touchdown. (Maybe it's just easier if you watch for yourself.)

For the uninitiated, just how unwise was Garrett's decision to send his offense out for another play? A sampling of some reactions:

  • "A play that should never, ever happen beyond high school." - Michael Wilbon, The Washington Post
  • "A stupid, stupid play all around" - Peter King, Sports Illustrated
  • "A total abomination that should never, ever have been given a chance to see the light of day" - Josh Alper, NBC-Dallas
  • "An almost insanely rash decision by the Cowboys" - Thomas Boswell, The Washington Post
  • "One of the most bone-headed play calls since Barry Switzer called 'Load Left' against the Philadelphia Eagles" - Matt Mosley,
  • "Stunningly Laughable" - Buck Harvey, San Antonio Express
  • "The low moment for all-time brain lock." Randy Galloway, Sacramento Bee
  • "[A] snap that shall live in infamy." - Bob Sturm, The Dallas Morning News

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