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Today we learned that Piers Morgan is taking over for Larry King at CNN's 9 p.m. time slot. Morgan is a product of Britain's tabloid press and has a knack for conducting probing interviews. It's yet to be seen, however, if he can pull CNN out of the ratings rut it's in vis-à-vis Fox News and MSNBC. One thing is clear: he's no fan of his "self-indulgent" cable TV rivals. He tells Mediaite:

I’m very familiar with Bill O’Reilly, Rachel, Keith Olbermann... They’ve done well in the short term in ratings with the left-right, ranting style. But they’ve increasing gotten self-indulgent. They increasingly talk about each other. Rachel talking about Bill, Bill talking about Keith, Keith talking about Glenn and Bill. It’s all a bit of a laugh. I’m sure it’s all quite interesting to them, but I wonder how interesting it is to a bigger audience that is potentially getable.

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