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Even a near-classic U.S. Open final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic wasn't enough to stop football from stomping in. Last night, CBS and ESPN both cut away from the match for "Two and a Half Men" (really?) and Monday Night Football.

Originally, the U.S. Open final was scheduled for Sunday, but was rescheduled for Monday after a rain delay. Then, another rain delay midway through Monday's match prompted CBS to "abandon" its coverage to ESPN2, a shocking decision. John Koblin of The New York Observer pointed out the absurdity with a question: "When was the last time a broadcast network gave up its coverage in the middle of a major American sporting event?"

Then, when the broadcast switched over to ESPN2, the second Nadal hoisted his championship trophy coverage cut out, perhaps prompted by ESPN execs anxious to get to the Chargers/Chiefs game. "That was it. No moment in the spotlight with the trophy. No cheering fans. No post-match analysis. Not even a goodnight. Just an abrupt start of Monday Night Football. Disgraceful," wrote NY news anchor Pat Kiernan's blog.

See the awkward transition (or lack thereof) here:

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