Natalie Portman's New Trailer: I Kissed a Girl, 'Cause I'm Crazy

The trailer for Black Swan—which follows Natalie Portman as a ballerina with deeply suspect sanity—looks gorgeous, awesome, and creepy in an interesting-rather-than-exploitative way (and looks like it'll force Mila Kunis to up her game in some useful ways):

That said, are we seriously still signaling Crazy Ladyness by having said damsel of suspect mental stability plant one on another lady? In Chloe, we know Amanda Seyfried is Seriously Off because she gets the hots for Julianne Moore as well as for her cheating husband. This is not a new phenomenon, but it's pretty troubling that it's persisted this long. Lesbian desire used to be a cinematic symptom of serious, profound mental illness that could be cured with a good shag. These days, it seems like lesbian sexual contact is insincere, not deeply felt, but still proof that something's gone seriously off the rails. Either way, it's tired, and it's dumb.  Having Natalie Portman smooch Mila Kunis is a much less convincing sign that she's going crazy than the fact that she appears to be spouting wings. It's only there because someone's going to think it's hot and transgressive.