ESPN Shames Itself

Does Brett Favre possess scandalous pictures of some high-powered ESPN executive? How else to explain the shameful, fawning headlines that have greeted his latest return? They include:

  • "Favre: 'I Owe it" to Vikings to Return Again"
  • "Once More, With Feeling"
  • "Favre's Return Saves a Season"
  • "Favre Key to it All"
  • "All Shall Kneel Before Favre"*

That's just pathetic. I admit that I am among those people who watch an unhealthy amount of ESPN, and I've never really cottoned to the whole ESPN-is-the-Devil thing that the otherwise excellent Deadspin is always going on about. But I'm starting to understand the appeal. Jeez. Let's just raise the guy's taxes and move on, please.

*Not really...but I could imagine it

Just as a reminder, everyone: