Pomplamoose --> My Terrible Friend

Fans of the YouTube-based indie duet Pomplamoose, to whom I had a previous homage here, will want to know that its singer, Nataly Dawn, has teamed up with another singer-guitarist, Lauren O'Connell, to form the group My Terrible Friend. YouTube video introducing MTF, with Dawn and Jack Conte of Pomplamoose and their giant cat, here. Another intro video, from the new MTF duo of Dawn and O'Connell plus a different giant cat, here; and an actual MTF song here.

All best wishes and so on to My Terrible Friend; but I hope this doesn't mean the end of Pomplamoose and the Dawn-Conte collaborations. As the economists might put it, the opportunity cost of the new group's formation will be unacceptably high, if it reduces the flow not just of Pomplamoose cover songs, like Earth Wind & Fire's September or even Sound of Music's My Favorite Things, but of originals like this one, as shown below. Maybe Nataly Dawn will just do twice as much singing -- which, as the refrain in the song below puts it, would be fine.

Thanks to BL for the tip.