The 5 Worst Moments of the MTV Movie Awards

At the beginning of each summer Hollywood slums it for a night and partakes in the antics of the MTV Movie Awards. It's not supposed to be serious--it's not the Oscars, or even the Golden Globes--but there were just some moments in this year's show that went beyond the stupid/inane threshold to downright awful. Here were the five worst:

1. Mark Wahlberg telling Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from "Harry Potter") he'll never win another award

Wahlberg and Will Ferrell were hanging from the ceiling while pretending a stunt went wrong as the "Best Villain" award was announced. During Felton's acceptance speech he was thanking his girlfriend and mother, as Wahlberg and Ferrell interrupted by making fun of him for taking the speech too seriously. But then Felton quipped, "I might never be here again; I have to take this opportunity." To which Wahlberg responded, "Go ahead, go ahead man, yeah, it'll never happen again." You could see Felton was visibly shaken by the comment, as surely he fears the possibility that his career won't pan out after Harry Potter. Wahlberg might be a half-decent action star, but comedy is clearly not his strong suit.

2. Twilight's Peter Facinelli (Edward's dad) commenting on the Stephanie Meyer's Mormonism

In the acceptance speech for Best Movie, Facinelli did a sort of ode to one of the night's major themes: the f-word. (See #5 below.) Appearing drunk, he used the world in conjunction with everyone he thanked—with the exception of the series' author Stephanie Meyer. He said he wouldn't say it in relation to her, since she's a Mormon. You'd think Facinelli might have tried a little harder to avoid alienating Meyer. After all, she's responsible for the biggest success of his career, since he starred opposite Bill Bellamy in the 2002 action series Fastlane, which lasted all of one season.



3. Snooki and Paris Hilton's meeting of the minds

During the pre-show, these two reality stars met, and called each other "hot." It made me want to smash my head with a hammer. One is famous for acting trashy and getting punched in the face by a man. The other is a rich, talentless heiress whose "acting" career never took off until the release of her sex tape. These two represent everything wrong with entertainment today.

4. The kiss between Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson

Is it still 2003? The controversy of girl-on-girl kisses peaked that year when Madonna and Britney Spears swapped saliva. This sort of thing sets back gay rights. As long as people cheer and hoot when two straight women kiss, physical contact between two members of the same sex will continue to be taboo in our society. MTV needs to get over it—and so do the rest of us.

5. The discovery of the 'f-word'

The MTV Movie Award producers must have had an "aha!" moment during the event's planning, realizing that the 'f-word' was a resource that hadn't been tapped. Never has whoever is in charge of the "bleep" button been so busy—and the censor missed several. A few expletives here and there can add humor, but when ever other word is profanity, the shtick just becomes tired. The 'f-word' has been around for a very long time, and MTV didn't succeed in making it shiny and new again.