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Essayist Christopher Hitchens appeared on The Daily Show Tuesday night to discuss his new memoir, Hitch-22. Host Jon Stewart took a brief tour through Hitchens's early days as a Marxist, which included a memorable episode planting coffee crops on a Cuban work farm. Stewart also got Hitchens (who stayed impressively deadpan throughout) to admit how he manages to stay in the flush of good health:

STEWART: When you said 'when you turned 60,' I'm very impressed that someone who has clearly, from the stories in your book, lived. You've lived it. You haven't taken it easy on this model body you have.


STEWART: Yet you don't look like shit. And you should. You actually look--I don't know. It's somewhat upsetting.

HITCHENS: There's crying inside, A. And B, there's an oil painting up in my attic that's beginning to look distinctly seedy.


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