'Glee': 6 Dropped Plotlines That Need to Be Resolved



The season finale of Glee airs tonight, though it seems just like yesterday that flash mobs and theme parties were celebrating the return of the show in April. And as swiftly as the back-end of the season came and went, so did the plotlines. Critics and fans have cried out against the dropped storylines, blaming the increasingly disjointed plot on the creators' desire for elaborate themed episodes now that the show's soaring popularity allows for bigger budgets. Gone are the subtle nuances of daily high school life, as The Atlantic's Glee panelists Meghan Brown notes, and in its place grandiose visions of Madonna and Lady Gaga.

As season 1 wraps up tonight, here are six dropped plotlines that we hope get resolved before the summer hiatus:

Whatever happened to...

Will and Emma?

Once upon a time, the Glee universe seemed to revolve around the "will-they, won't-they" drama between doe-eyed Emma and cocky Mr. Schuester. His breakup with Terri back in the 12th episode finally left the door wide open for a romance to bloom. But with the element of the forbidden stripped from their relationship, Will's interest inevitably waned. Not only does he barely cover up the surprise and slight annoyance over Emma's virginity and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but he finds himself kissing Vocal Adrenaline coach (and Rachel's mom!) Shelby and canoodling with his old crush April. The last viewers really saw of Emma was when she called out Mr. Schue for being a slut, and all he could muster up was a weak apology and a bouquet of flowers. Four episodes later and still no attempt to win her back? Viewers don't need a happy ending, but they do need some type of closure and some element of remorse from Schue.

Kurt's mysterious tormenter?

Kurt forfeited his dream solo in "Defying Gravity" to Rachel, in an attempt to protect his father, who was receiving threatening phone calls about his son's sexuality. It seems logical that the phone calls would persist and develop into their own plotline, with some type of resolution or at least a reveal of who might be behind the tormenting. But so far, nothing.

Quinn's pregnancy?

If it weren't for her performance of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World," which was essentially an homage to her pregnant belly, it was beginning to seem very likely that Quinn was having a hyseterical pregnancy of her own. She may have been sporting flowy dresses, but there was hardly an indication of an actual pregnancy. Where was this belly all season? Where is the weight gain? What about the financial concerns that occupied her in the first part of the season? Besides Quinn's depressed state, Glee actually paints a pretty glamorous vision of teenage pregnancy—she sings, looks luminous at all times, and dances with the best of them! Word on the street is that she finally gives birth during tonight's episode—which should hopefully lead us to answering the other questions left dangling about the future of the former head Cheerio...

Quinn's parents?

Midway through the first part of the season, Quinn's mom and dad kicked her out of the house for being pregnant—and we never heard from them again. Will they take her back after she gives up the baby? There are quite a few gems to be explored in the family dynamics at work in the Fabray family—if only the producers are brave enough to tackle them. And judging from how masterfully they explore issues of homosexuality and the relationship between Kurt and his father, it would be safe to assume they can handle it.

Quinn and Puck?

Their relationship has seen some interesting twists and turns, yet never quite leads anywhere. Puck's interest in Quinn was established early on, and it's been endearing to see him feel an inherent sense of duty and loyalty to Quinn. However, just when he seems to prove himself, he reminds us that he's still an immature 17-year-old, sexting Santana during their baby-sitting date and wanting to name their daughter "Jackie Daniels." It's unclear whether they really feel something real for reach other—something that will last after the baby is given up for adoption—or whether the pregnancy itself is what binds them together.

Rachel and Finn?

If he does indeed like Rachel, what happened to that romance? Is he going to continue to sit on the sidelines? While it did seem for a time that she and Jesse were more compatible, we're supposed to now believe that Jesse is actually a villain, just as we'd suspected in the very beginning. So, with Jesse smashing eggs on top of Rachel's head, will Finn be rushing out to defend her honor? In the first episode of the back-nine, he insists to Rachel that he doesn't give up that easily, but it's easy to talk the talk. His persisting indecision and lack of action in their relationship is growing tired, and it's time to either move forward with this union or wrap it up altogether.