'The Good Wife': A Marriage Saved by a Skateboard



Last week's startling finale left us fearing the worst. Alicia's marriage seemed about to go bust, and Peter seemed certain to go back to jail. Not so fast. Alicia, hearing the security alarm confirming that Peter had violated the terms of his home leave, deep sixes her dinner date (which, we have learned, is with Will, her opportunistic boss) and returns to her apartment with the chastened Peter. Their fast-thinking children concoct a tale involving indoor skate-boarding gone awry, forestalling their father's immediate return to penal confinement. In one of those fortuitous accidents of fate so irresistible to script-writers, the teenagers' improvisations are witnessed by the young adult son of the building superintendent, an Indian woman, a single mother, who finds herself the object of interrogation by immigration officials, who believe her son may be involved in an identity theft scheme as well as jewel smuggling.

The mother is threatened with immediate deportation (for a technical paperwork violation), unless her son decides to confess his crimes and incriminate his employers, who run a travel agency and appear to be both furtive and dangerous. The case is made to order for Alicia, who, with the usual savvy involvement of Kalinda, her all-purpose legal assistant, save the terrified super—though only after the woman's young daughter admits that she, rather than her mother or brother, has been a participant in the crimes that interest NIS. She faces jail time, but accepts her fate as the price of rescuing her mother.

Peter and Alicia decide to have a serious conversation (something we've been waiting for since early last fall), and decide that they'll keep working on their marriage. The ever-hopeful Will is momentarily distracted by a comely De Paul University law professor, as well as by one of her students, and Alicia's children learn more than they need to know about Will's interest in their mother, and about Alicia's brief willingness to encourage it. Peter, saved by his family's inventiveness and daring, remains at home, though in a separate bedroom.