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It's true that fans of so-called "jam bands," such as Phish or the Grateful Dead, can tend to be a little long-bearded and under-showered (although the groups boast some surprisingly presentable fans as well). But can those musical aficionados really be mistaken for members of the Taliban, the predominantly Pashtun religious insurgency fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

"Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference," declares the single-serving website, "Jam Band Fan or Taliban?" The site, which has operated on-and-off since 2007, presents close-ups of bearded young men and asks the user to guess whether that man is a pot-smoking hippie or an opium-funded insurgent. Here's one example:

Blues For Allah

Jam Band Fan or Taliban? Click here or click the pic to know the truth.

Click through and you'll see the full photo, which reveals our mystery man is a granola-cruncher and not a jihadist.

Find more at the site, Jam Band Fan or Taliban?

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