'Community' Gets Separation Anxiety

>The Community study group is finishing its first year at Greendale, and that means exams, separation anxiety, and keytar music. After Senor Chang asks Jeff to help him get a fake degree—he turned to teaching after his band went nowhere--Annie turns him in to Dean Pelton so the study group will all have to retake Spanish 102. But her decision sets off a chain of events involving Troy's future, Pierce's sex life, and Jeff's Lexus, and delivers the usual set of lessons along the way:

1. No matter how marginal the keytar may be as a rock instrument, it's an extremely effective instrument of revenge, and luxury-car destruction. Although it definitely has no utility whatsoever as protection from campus-cop-wielded Tasers.

2. No matter how much or how little you relate to the world through popular culture, everyone knows that you don't look at the Arc of the Covenant. Abed may be learning to relate to human beings through means other than movie references, but that doesn't mean his vast repository of knowledge doesn't serve him well in an Annie-induced crisis.

3. Plumbing takes more skills, and has much more mystique than the jobs you can get after receiving a liberal arts education even if a degree will make HBO shows a lot more meaningful.

4. And, as much as you learn in class, study groups are vital, both for your examination of human nature and for how to tell a difficult new professor your friend is dead so you need to skip out on an exam for which you're woefully unprepared.