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Chris Hayes offers his thoughts on capitalism:

Just finished the Big Short, leaving Detroit and see Dow is down 1000 pts. Modern financial capitalism is a disaster machine.

Reid Wilson finds comfort in the oddest places:

Resisting urge to look at my portfolio. Comforted by Jim Cramer's icy calm. I will never be a day trader.

Allahpundit looks on the bright side of the Dow's tumble...

Oh look, it's "only" down 650 now

...while the enigmatic pourmecoffee tries to inject some levity into a tense situation:

Dow down 600+ over fear of Tory victory.

Matthew Yglesias weighs in on Merkel's role in stabilizing the European economy:

Merkel is lucky that the bar for "worst German leader ever" is really high.

Chris Cillizza meanwhile pulls out the mother of all puns...

Democrats make a "sequel" to "Demon Sheep". And, it's not b-a-a-a-d.

... but in the ongoing struggle to win Twitter laughs, Jake Tapper may be the victor:

Baby, I'm going to call the Joint Counterterrorism Task Force because you are SMOKIN!#NewNormalPickUpLines

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