7 Mixes Worth Listening to This Week

-Pure joy: Herbsman presents an "Essential Ska" mix. (streaming via Meatskull)

-Drugs are bad. That said: a 2001 (?) bootleg (??) mix from the KLF entitled "Coming Down Off E." (dl via Meatskull)

Drugs are bad, part 2. A really fantastic tapestry of live and classic Grateful Dead moments from a twenty or so year span, by Greg Davis. (streaming via Arthur)

-My favorite kind of mix, somehow expansive enough to go just about everywhere: Koushik takes you on a journey through the soul-funk-disco-house-techno-reggae-ambient continuum. (streaming via J. Rocc)

-Boogie everything at Recloose's weekly spot, including a live set (from NYE) by Dam-Funk. (streaming via HIAQI)

-On a similar vibe: a buoyant Yam Who? set (stream/dl at Futureboogie)

-Typically classy stuff from Chairman Mao (really enjoying that Floating Points track) (streaming via RBMA)