Will 'The Good Wife' Ever Forgive Her Husband?



The last of a series of re-runs of The Good Wife, in which Alicia helps defend a wealthy sadist who may or may not have murdered his wife. The client has already been acquitted in criminal court, but is now being tried in civil court. Alicia's team manages to shift suspicion for the crime to a greedy and deceitful step-daughter, but Alicia takes no pleasure in getting her smarmy client off the hook. Nor is she pleased by the courtroom testimony of an opportunistic hooker that implicates Peter in multiple "visitations."

Peter may be coming home soon, under strict supervision by the sheriff's department, but he is still more relieved than apologetic, and Alicia, with more than the usual stiff upper lip, plans to exile him to a little-used maid's room. This marriage, we are being led to believe, has a long way to go before anything like healing takes place. Say a season or two.