SNL's Tina Fey Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>[A nice homecoming for Tina Fey, featuring the obligatory and much-anticipated Sarah Palin sketch, in which she introduces the new Sarah Palin Network.]

Some highlights...

Women's News correspondent Tina Fey on the plight of successful women in the face of Michelle "Bombshell" McGee-type bimbos. ("You could be the woman who cures cancer, and you would still be up against some skank rocking giant veiny fake boobs..."):

Cold Open: Obama walks viewers through this year's census form. (Sample Q.: "Do you feel that Jews have too much influence on Wall Street and the media?"...):

Duncan Heinz introduces a new indulgence for single women—"In just 90 seconds, Brownie Husband bakes into a delicious partner...":

CBS reports live from the Masters, with guest Tiger Woods expert Las Vegas convention model Ashlyn St. Cloud (Tina Fey), and a brief commercial interruption by Woods and his late father:

The Devil (Jason Sudeikis) drops by Weekend Update to comment on the Catholic Church and reveal (incidentally) that his son is the TMZ guy:

Also: Justin Bieber as jailbait for Tina Fey's frustrated physics teacher, and Fey as Lolene, the 9-inch-tall hooker with a heart of gold.

NEXT WEEK: Ryan Phillippe, with musical guest KE$HA.